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Date created: Oct 12, 2022  •   Last updated: Oct 12, 2022

What is Emails Delivered

Emails Delivered is the number of contacts who successfully received an email to their inbox and, as such, does not include bounces or unsubscribed recipients.

Emails Delivered Formula

ƒ Count(Emails Delivered)

Start tracking your Emails Delivered data

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How to visualize Emails Delivered?

Measure your email deliveries in a summary chart, sometimes known as a metric chart. This type of data visualization will let you compare your email deliveries in the current period with a previous time period, indicating if your email campaign is effective at getting your message into inboxes.

Emails Delivered visualization example

Emails Delivered


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vs previous period

Summary Chart

Here's an example of how to visualize your current Emails Delivered data in comparison to a previous time period or date range.
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Emails Delivered


Measuring Emails Delivered

More about Emails Delivered

Email deliverability is incredibly important to the success of email marketing. Emails opened, forwarded, and clicked through metrics depend on deliverability.

Regulations, technologies, global misuse, and recipient behaviour are all making deliverability more difficult. Here are the top 6 tips to improve your email delivery rates:

  1. Ensure your emails aren't being perceived as spam and let ISPs know you are a legitimate business by authenticating your emails.
  2. Improve every engagement metric by asking your recipients for "confirmed" or "double opt-in" and configure your email rules to stop sending to low engagement users.
  3. Don't send your emails using a free domain, such as Hotmail, Yahoo, or Gmail.
  4. Always ensure quality is front and centre. Don't use click-baity subject lines or overuse images or buttons.
  5. Keep everything transparent, including all of your header information and links. Don't obscure links with URL shorteners.
  6. And, because it's the law, make it really easy to unsubscribe. It will keep your list cleaner, your costs down, and your engagement up!

Emails Delivered Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good email delivery rate?

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Aim to get as close to 100% email delivery rate as you can. In general, a good email delivery rate is about 95%.

What's the difference between email delivery and deliverability?

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Email delivery is the rate of emails that are successfully delivered to your email list, while email deliverability refers to where the email lands upon delivery (primary inbox, promotions, spam).

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