Ticket Reopen Rate (RR)

Date created: Jan 23, 2023  •   Last updated: Mar 18, 2024

What is Ticket Reopen Rate

Ticket Reopen Rate (RR) is the percentage of solved tickets that have been reopened by customers. It is important for a support team to track ticket reopen rate, as this can provide insight into how well their customer service is performing. Reopen rates provide a direct measure of customer satisfaction with the service they receive and can help determine where improvements need to be made. For example, if an unusually high number of tickets are being reopened after they have been marked as solved, it could be a sign that customers are not getting the answers they need or that agents are not providing satisfactory solutions.

Ticket Reopen Rate Formula

How to calculate Ticket Reopen Rate

Over a given week, 450 tickets are solved by a team of technical support agents. However, 25 tickets were reopened in the same time period. The Ticket Reopen Rate is 5.5%.

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What is a good Ticket Reopen Rate benchmark?

A 2022 survey of 260 companies by Endsight.net found that 3.1% of tickets are reopened.

More about Ticket Reopen Rate

To reduce the ticket reopen rate, start by auditing a number of reopened tickets -- from the initial enquiry all the way to the end. Often, you can learn a lot by examining the way the initial ticket was handled.

If you are using a post-ticket survey, look at customer satisfaction feedback to identify trends and suggestions. If there is an option for free-form feedback, customers will often spell out why they were dissatisfied.

Train your support agents on customer service best practices, problem-solving skills and product knowledge so they have a better understanding of customer needs and expectations. Invest in support software to enable automation, which will prioritize tickets according to their importance or urgency level - this will ensure more tickets are quickly resolved before they become backlogged. Finally, regularly monitor feedback from customers to identify areas where improvements can be made in order to reduce the number of issues that require reopening a ticket.

By tracking and reducing your team’s ticket reopen rate, and specifically segmenting this by agent, by tenure, or even by time of day, you can ensure higher levels of customer satisfaction and better quality, long-term success.

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