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Full Resolution Time

Full Resolution Time is the time duration between the ticket creation date and the ticket solved or closed date. Along with a solution that helps the customer and solves the problem, the less time it takes to get to a resolution is good for you and good for the customer. Resolution time is usually measured in hours or days.

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First Contact Resolution Tickets

First Contact Resolution Tickets is the count of customer tickets that are marked as solved by agents on the first attempt. Whether it's a single phone call, a chat conversation or an email response - the customer leaves happy and so does your staff!

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Tickets Solved

Tickets Solved is the count of previously open and worked tickets that have been marked as solved by a customer support agent. Tickets solved is a popular performance metric among customer service teams, with many setting a daily tickets solved target for agents. Subsequently, they monitor their team's success by gauging the percentage of tickets completed in relation to this preset goal. It is important to be aware that solved tickets can still be reopened if more customer assistance is needed. Tickets that remain "solved" for a predetermined amount of time will generally be converted to closed. Tickets that are closed can not be reopened. Bear in mind that the rate of tickets closed may fluctuate and should be based on a support agent or team's experience, escalation level, product/service being supported, and query difficulty.

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Ticket Reopen Rate

Ticket Reopen Rate (RR) is the percentage of solved tickets that have been reopened by customers. It is important for a support team to track ticket reopen rate, as this can provide insight into how well their customer service is performing. Reopen rates provide a direct measure of customer satisfaction with the service they receive and can help determine where improvements need to be made. For example, if an unusually high number of tickets are being reopened after they have been marked as solved, it could be a sign that customers are not getting the answers they need or that agents are not providing satisfactory solutions.

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First Contact Resolution Rate

First Contact Resolution Rate (FCR Rate) is the percentage of customer contacts that are resolved on the first interaction with the customer. If a customer's issue can be resolved on the first contact, it eliminates the need for either the agent or the customer to follow up.

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Ticket Reopens

Ticket Reopens shows how many attempts it takes to solve a customer’s problem. When a customer responds to a previously solved ticket, the ticket automatically reopens and is tagged with an open status. If you're seeing a high number of reopens, it could indicate that there's an issue with your product or service. It might also suggest that agents are closing tickets before customers’ questions have been thoroughly addressed. This will not only leave them dissatisfied but they'll likely still need help resolving their issue.

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