Website Visits

Date created: Oct 12, 2022  •   Last updated: Oct 12, 2022

What is Website Visits

Website Visits, also referred to as sessions, track the number of times a user interacts with your website. Repeat visits within a set time period are excluded.

Website Visits Formula

ƒ Count(Website Visits)

Start tracking your Website Visits data

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How to visualize Website Visits?

Use a summary chart to visualize your Website Visits data and compare it to a previous time period.

Website Visits visualization example

Website Visits


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vs previous period

Summary Chart

Here's an example of how to visualize your current Website Visits data in comparison to a previous time period or date range.
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Website Visits


Measuring Website Visits

More about Website Visits

Although many people still use the term Visits, it is more commonly referred to today as Sessions. This naming change happened in 2014, when Google Analytics went from Visits and Unique Visitors to Sessions and Users to more clearly distinguish the two metrics.

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