Ticket Resolution Rate

Date created: Jan 30, 2023  •   Last updated: Mar 18, 2024

What is Ticket Resolution Rate

Ticket Resolution Rate is the percentage of tickets that were solved out of the total number of tickets. It’s a measure of how efficient customer service agents are at solving customer inquiries.To calculate Ticket Resolution Rate, divide the number of tickets resolved in a given time period by the total number of tickets received over that same period and express it as a percentage.

Ticket Resolution Rate Formula

How to calculate Ticket Resolution Rate

A customer support team resolves 700 tickets out of a total of 1000 tickets in one month. In this example, the Ticket Resolution Rate would be 70%.

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More about Ticket Resolution Rate

Ticket Resolution Rate is a reliable metric to measure the staffing effectiveness of your customer service team. A low rate can result in an overwhelming backlog, while a high rate may even surpass 100%, indicating your support team's ability to effectively manage incoming tickets and reduce backlog.

Improving Ticket Resolution Rate requires an understanding of the underlying factors that affect this metric, such as ticket complexity, staffing levels, agent experience, or an overwhelming volume of incoming tickets.

Streamlining automation and ticket routing processes will help ensure that the right customer query is directed to the right agent, thus reducing the amount of time wasted in finding a resolution. Making sure your agents are well-trained and have access to the resources they need to quickly and effectively resolve customer issues will also make a difference.

Regularly monitoring this metric, segmented by agent or team, can help businesses identify trends and areas that need improvement.

By tracking Ticket Resolution Rate, businesses can build stronger customer relationships by ensuring their concerns are always addressed in a timely and satisfactory manner.

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