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Date created: Oct 12, 2022  •   Last updated: Oct 12, 2022

What is Media Comments

Media Comments is the total count of comments made on your social media content. Comments count towards engagement with your posts and generally indicate an interest in your content.

Media Comments Formula

ƒ Count(Media Comments)

How to calculate Media Comments

A business account on Instagram has multiple posts published to their profile. All together, their content receives 150 comments. The Media Comments count for the business is 150.

Start tracking your Media Comments data

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How to visualize Media Comments?

It helps to view engagement metrics such as Media Comments visualized with a summary chart which compares the current value to a previous time period.

Media Comments visualization example

Media Comments


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vs previous period

Summary Chart

Here's an example of how to visualize your current Media Comments data in comparison to a previous time period or date range.
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Media Comments


Measuring Media Comments

More about Media Comments

Comments indicate deeper interest in social media content because they require more involvement than a like or share, which is a single-click form of engagement. The only drawback is that comments do not necessarily mean positive interest in your content. Comments can also be complaints, inquiries, or spam. While it is important to track comments on your posts, especially if there is a specific ask in your post for viewers to comment, it is equally important to monitor the sentiment of comments. Prompt responses to comments build a sense of trust with your audience.

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