What is the difference?

Charges vs Charges Count


Charges Count

What is it?

Charges refers to the total revenue you earn from payments, after deducting any fees, refunds, transfers, and disputes. Sometimes also known as Net Charges, this metric is your view of net earnings collected through a payment gateway.

Changes Count measures the total number of Charges you have made to your customers. Use this metric to have an overall view of how many payments you have accepted from your customers for the products or services you sold.


ƒ Sum(Charges)
ƒ Count(Charges)


In the past week, you received payments from three customers who each paid you $1,000. Assuming there were no deductions from these payments, your total Charges for the week would be $3,000.

At the end of the month, you total your Charges and see that you have charged 500 customers for your services. For this month, your Charges Count would be 500.

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